Get the Most from Your Small Business Credit Card – Charge Your Expenses

If you want to boost the success of your business, and make it easier to track your business-related spending, a credit card can be a great tool.

Credit cards offer rewards programs, can ease your cash flow, and can help you track expenses for tax purposes.  As long as you are smart about your business credit card use, the right small business credit card can be a great help.

Establish Business Credit

One of the fastest ways for your business to establish its own credit is with the help of a credit card.  Your business credit card records the good behaviors of your business.  When you pay on time and in full, you build a history for your business.  Later, this good credit history can make it a little easier to get approved for a business loan if you need the capital to expand your venture.

When you use a personal credit card for expenses you aren’t helping your company’s credit history.

Earn Rewards

Even business credit cards come with rewards programs.
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Use a Business Credit Card to Establish Business Credit

If you are serious about your business as a separate entity that needs to do business on its own, you need to establish business credit.

One of the most effective ways to establish a credit history of any kind is to have a business card that can be used to make purchases and help your business establish a measure of financial credibility.

Establishing Business Credit

Before you get a credit card, it helps to take a few preliminary steps: [Read more…]