Welcome to Credit Card Smarts!

My name is Glen and I’m here to help you understand your credit cards better as well as find the best credit cards.

A credit card is an awesome tool that can help you make easy payments, build up your credit history, and provide a great number of additional perks.

But credit cards can be confusing too!

What kind of credit card is best for you?

Do you need an airlines miles card?  Maybe a travel rewards card?  A 0% balance transfer card?  One with no foreign transaction fees perhaps?

There are a lot of different types of credit cards you can use.  You want to figure out which best matches with your spending habits.

Credit Card Smarts is here to help.

And then there’s all the different terms that are used with credit cards…

What’s an APR?  What does a balance transfer mean?  What does the interest rate mean?  What fees are there?  How to rewards points work?

There’s a LOT out there to learn about.  And if you want the best card you need to have an idea of how your card will work.

We’ll help teach you about the different credit cards out there.  We’ll also help teach you how to use your card.

A little about me…

Many years ago I saw a table on my college campus offering up a Koosh ball with new credit card sign-ups.  “Hey, that would kill two birds with one stone,” I thought.  It was a great day to play out on campus and I wanted a credit card too.

That would be my first credit card but it wouldn’t be my last.

I’d get a few retail credit cards (you know, the ones you get in department stores) shortly after.

Things started out fine.  I paid my card off every month.

But soon I started buying more stuff than I could pay off.  I was getting into credit card debt.

This debt would grow into the thousands before I said enough was enough and I worked to eliminate my credit card debt.

See, there really wasn’t a lot of information out there to help me use my cards wisely (this was many, many moons ago).  Sure, I was told to not get into debt, but I was young and well, pretty dumb about my finances.

If only there was more information out there when I got my first credit cards!

Now I pay off my credit cards monthly in full and love using my credit cards.  They have become great tools for me and for my business.  I’ve built up my credit history such that I get the best rates out there when I need a loan (like a car loan or a mortgage), which saves my thousands.

I want you to be credit card smart!  This way you will use your credit card as a convenient tool rather than a means to get in debt.  I don’t want you to get into debt with your cards like I did.  I want to see your finances flourish.

I’ve been writing online about personal finance since 2007 now.  I started CreditCardSmarts.org to help you out so you can use your credit cards to your advantage.  When used wisely, there are a on of perks that can help you out.


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