Review: the Discover it Card – Easy-to-Use Cash Back Rewards, Fair Fees, and Your FICO Score

Discover made a bold decision: Get rid of all of its credit cards and overhaul the rewards system.

That done, Discover introduced its latest — and only — credit card offering: the it® card.

Discover’s it™ credit card combines the award-winning customer service that Discover is known for with a better rewards program and more flexibility than many credit cards currently offer.  The it™ card is now Discover’s only card brand, and it comes in student and business versions as well.

The stripped-down simplicity of the card extends to the revamped rewards program, and the consumer-friendly features associated with the card.

Discover really went out and made a great all-around card that doesn’t kill you with fees, has good rewards, and that’s easy to use.

The New Rewards Program with it® Credit Card from Discover


The biggest excitement with the it® card is the new rewards program that was unveiled as a result of Discover’s overhaul.

One of the biggest complaints about Discover’s old program was that you had to spend $3,000 in a year before you actually started earning 1% cash back on your purchases.  Until that point, the cash back rate was a paltry 0.25%.  The promise of good rewards was there but it took a bit of spending to get there.

The new rewards system gets rid of that tiered approach.

Now, every purchase earns at least 1% cash back.  Additionally, the it® credit card comes with a rotating category feature.  Throughout the year, you earn 5% cash back in changing categories (this currently is for online shopping and department store purchases through December 2014).  Planning your spending to match with the 5% cash back categories can go a long way toward helping you maximize rewards.  You still have to make sure you sign up for the category every quarter though.  It would be nice if the bonus was automatic but hey, it’s not a lot of work to sign up to get a 5% spending bonus.

The current 5% cash back is for your purchases at gas stations through September 2014.  This is on up to $1,500 in purchases.

Discover still retains its extensive online shopping portal.  This is good news, since it means that you can earn a cash back bonus of between 5% and 20% when you shop with partner retailers through Discover’s online portal.  This new program, with the rotating categories and generous online bonuses, make Discover’s it®  card one of the most generous when it comes to cash back.

If you want help figuring out how to get the most from your rewards, the free Cash Back Concierge is an online tour of what you can expect.  It’s a personalized tour, so you can get information on what you, specifically, can do to boost your rewards.

Sign up for the Discover it® Card.

Other Features of the Discover it® Card

As one might expect, there is no annual fee with the it® credit card.

Other fees abolished by the it® card include the over the limit fee, foreign transaction fees, and no fee when you pay the phone.  Additionally, a late payment won’t result in a higher APR.  The it® card also gives you a free pass on your first late payment, not charging a cent.  They have really made their fee structure reasonable for consumers.

Another cool feature of the Discover it® credit card is that you can actually choose your own due date to pay.  It’s nice that you can decide what works best for your cash flow situation, and take steps to ensure that your credit card payment fits in with your overall budget.

True story – I used miss my payment date on credit cards a lot.  It really killed my finances.  My due dates used to be close to my actual pay date from my job so by the time I’d get my credit card payment out it would end up being late.  So I would end up with high APR rates as well as late fees.  Ughh.

Plus, you can pay on the due date, up to midnight Eastern, by phone or online.  This flexibility helps consumers avoid late fees that might be tacked on if you pay past 3 pm, or 5 pm, or whenever.

You ever go to pay a bill and it says something like “payment due by 8pm MST?”  First, I live on the east coast so I don’t immediately know what MST is.  Second, I sometimes take care of my bills late at night, you know, when the kids are asleep, so it bugs me when the due date is before the day actually ends.  It’s nice to see a later due time for the Discover it card.

On top of that, Discover continues its customer service efforts by providing you access to a human 24/7.  All customer service is also based in the United States.  This can be a big help when you have questions.

Free FICO® Credit Score

Above are some great qualities.  Now add a free copy of your FICO credit score to your perks!  Every month you will get your score on your statement.  That’s a powerful tool to have.  This lets you track your score to make sure you aren’t doing anything (or having something done to you like fraud) to lower your credit score.

Balance Transfers and Purchase APR

Discover really wants you to love this card.  In fact they are offering up 0% APR on balance transfers and 0% APR on purchases for 14 months.  If you have a balance on another card then this is a great chance to transfer it so you can pay more towards your principle balance rather than towards interest.  This is also good if you have a big purchase coming up and you want to take a little time to pay it off.

Is the Discover it® Card Right for Me?

Discover definitely moved in the right direction with this card.  I wish the bonus cashback categories were automatic but that’s a small gripe.  Overall this is a great card with a lot of things to like about it.

If you are looking for a card that is fair and flexible — and generous with the cash back — the Discover it® card might be just the card for you.

Apply now for the Discover it® Card.


* See the online credit card application for details about terms and conditions. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the “Apply Now” button, you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the issuer’s website. Discover is a paid advertiser of this site.

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Published or updated October 1, 2014.

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